At Southern Sands we are here to help you put together your dream safari, so what types of safari do we offer:

Tailor made and bespoke

What sets us apart as a travel company is our ability to piece together a safari that meets your dreams. We have a huge amount of knowledge that we can share with you to ensure that all the elements of your safari exceed your expectations. Whatever you are looking for we can make it happen. Contact us to talk through your dream safari.

There is no set recipe for our tailor made trips we design them down to the finest detail to match your tastes and interests. We listen to what you want and then we will design your individual trip, working to your budget.

You will probably have a list of must see African wildlife for your safari, but we can also plan your trip to give you choices in how you travel and where you stay. You’re not limited to animal viewing from the back of a 4×4 with us either, if you want to make your safari more memorable we can include game viewing on foot, horse back or even from a hot air balloon.

Whatever options you decide are right for you we will give you the best chance get close to animals you want to see.

Advantages of tailor made

  • Its your safari – we design it around your requirements
  • See what you want in your own timeframe
  • Choose your preferred type of accommodation or mix and match

Package and Group trips

A number of suppliers we work with offer package safaris and group trips. Both are good ways to experience South Africa without breaking the bank. Itineraries will generally include safari activities and either a beach or a city break.

Some packages will include Victoria Falls. Generally you will travel with a small group of like-minded tourists during transfers and on your guided game activities. Packaged safaris come in all shapes and sizes and options to suit all budgets from mobile camping safaris through to luxury lodges. These can be a good introduction to South Africa, but do try to fit a lot into a trip so you can find yourself travelling a lot.

Contact us if you are interested in a packaged safari and we can explore the options to find one that works best for you.


We offer accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets throughout South Africa.
Safari lodges in South Africa cover the full range of both comfort and price. Generally safari accommodation would start at a 3* level and the top lodges will exceed 5* standards and include personal butlers and the finest dining!

Whether you are after the ultimate in luxury or absolute remoteness we will find the right accommodation for you.

What to expect on safari

Most of safari lodges will follow a similar routine, guided activities such as walks and drives will be undertaken at first light, this is when game is generally most active. Predators such as Lions and Leopards will be active throughout the night and into the morning. Going out at first light will give you the best chance of seeing these cats in action. The morning light in South Africa can be truly stunning and can help elevate your photography to another level!

Many of the lodges in South Africa will provide a wake up call including the hot drink of your choice.
Lodges tend to differ in their approaches to breakfast, some will offer a light breakfast before departing on your chosen morning activity or will provide it out in the bush.

Following a morning game drive most lodges will return you back to camp for your full breakfast. The next game drive is generally taken in the evening. This allows for some free time in the day, its your choice whether you relax, bird watch in your lodge or take additional activities of which the choice can be endless, but those we recommend would include cultural visits, trips to wildlife rehabilitation centres and even spa treatments.
Some lodges that are more geared to photographers and those serious about their safaris, these lodges will also offer all day game drives with breakfast and lunch taken out in the bush.

Just a tip but – some people believe that the middle of the day (especially in the summer months) is not a great time to be out game viewing. However we disagree to a point here because we have been extremely fortunate to witness numerous mid day Cheetah hunts. Sometimes Cheetahs are more active in the middle of the day when the other cats can sometimes be at their least active. We have also had good Wild Dog activity in the middle of the day, again for the same reason that they like to avoid the biggest cats wherever possible. So don’t always dismiss all day drives or midday activities if you are keen to get the most out of your safari.

Evening game drives do vary from lodge to lodge with some offering a short drive to a local view point to watch the sun go down and enjoy a sundowner. Others will include a more game oriented afternoon evening drive. Again this is a personal preference, which we can discuss when planning your safari.
Evenings again vary widely; what is common though is excellent food, whether you are staying in the more remote camps or the most luxurious of lodges. There are some lodges that offer a buffet for an evening meal or a set menu, most however will offer a full menu and of course impressive wine lists. The more exclusive lodges have amazing chefs and personal service. Food and drink wise you wont be disappointed.

Game viewing

The most popular way to view animals in South Africa is on game drives. These are usually taken in open game viewers that seat up to 12. Vehicles will generally include a spotter, a driver and a guide. More specialist safaris can be provided to offer photographic guides or bird guides.
Most lodges will also offer night drives. Some specialist lodges will have hides to observe and photograph animals a close range.
Keen photographers, regular safari goers and family groups have the option of choosing a private vehicle. As photographers ourselves and now with children we always go for a private vehicle wherever we stay.

Walking safaris are now becoming much more common and will only be conducted with an appropriately trained guide. On walking safaris you get a different buzz, being up close to bull Elephant or a large male Lion will certainly get the adrenalins flowing!
Horse back safaris allow you an intimacy with wildlife that you may not get walking or in a vehicle. There are now a number of locations in South Africa where you can ride a horse in big 5 country if you are already an experienced rider.

Safaris with Kids

Many clients ask about safaris with children. Many people are nervous about taking children on safari. South Africa is great for safaris with children. Many of the top reserves are malaria free and some of the lodges including some of the most luxurious now offer specific safari programmes for children. Some do have age limits whereas others are more relaxed. We have taken our two boys (currently aged 2 and 4 ) on a range of safaris and they absolutely love it.

Recommended safari add-ons

South Africa safaris can be experienced with a huge choice of additional options whether it’s a city break in cosmopolitan Cape Town to incorporate whale watching and shark diving or we can incorporate a visit to the mighty Victoria Falls in Zambia. Or for some serious relaxation why not take in the beaches of Mozambique.

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