About Us

Southern Sands Safaris is part of our Southern Sands Travel Company. South Africa is a real specialism of our company. We have been hooked on African travel since 2005 when we experienced our very first safari. We have undertaken safaris in a number of African countries in both East and Southern Africa but we specialise in safaris to South Africa primarily because of the countries diversity. It is the Rainbow Nation so there is a great variety of people and cultures, the landscape is hugely diverse and this in turn means that the wildlife is diverse. You can view and photograph a wider range of animals in South Africa than any other safari destination.

On our travels through South Africa we have stayed in a diverse range of accommodation, we have camped under the most amazing starry skies in the Kalahari and we have relaxed in a private plunge pool watching elephants in one of the most exquisite lodges in the Sabi Sands and most places in between.

It is our intimate knowledge and independence that allows us to find the perfect trip for you whatever your budget and whatever your interests.

As well as being passionate about wildlife and conservation we are both keen wildlife photographers so we really understand what photographers are looking for on safari (nearly all the pictures on this site are taken by ourselves).

We have also undertaken a number of safaris with our two small boys so we understand the needs of families on safaris. Oh yeah and that is us in the picture getting married in the Masai Mara in 2008!

We are open late evenings, weekends and bank holidays too – to be honest if you want to talk about wildlife Safaris in South Africa we are available pretty much anytime!


So dust off your passport and take that first step to your dream South African safari by contacting us today.


Southern Sands Travel is a totally independent travel agent specialising in unique and high quality travel around the world.